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BBQ Box Bukit Timah dish

BBQ Box Bukit Timah

BBQ Box Bukit Timah is a casual restaurant in the heart of Bukit Timah that specializes in grilled seafood, meat, and vegetable skewers. The restaurant has a modern, industrial-chic design with exposed brick walls and concrete floors. The tables are equipped with tabletop hotplates so that diners can cook their food to their liking.

The BBQ Box Bukit Timah menu features a wide variety of skewers, including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. There are also a variety of side dishes, such as dumplings, noodles, and rice. The skewers are marinated in various sauces, such as sweet and sour, teriyaki, and chili.

The most popular dishes at BBQ Box Bukit Timah include

  • Orleans Flavoured Pork Skewer (风味奥尔良颈肉)
  • BBQ Mutton on Rose Willow Skewer (红柳枝羔羊)
  • Grilled Chicken Meat (烤鸡肉串)
  • Grilled Beef Skewer (烤牛肉串)
  • Sichaun Tasty Lotus Root (Spicy) (川味藕片(辣))
  • Spicy Enoki Mushroom (红油金针菇(辣))
  • Golden Fish Fillet Soup (Spicy) (金汤鱼片(辣))
  • Beef with Vine Pepper (藤椒牛肉)

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Customers Reviews

BBQ Box (Bukit Timah)

03:22 02 Jun 24
Anikaz TravelAnikaz Travel
02:45 02 Jun 24
Has quite a lot of vegetarian options surprisingly as well as pan fried dumplings.I really enjoyed the grilled oyster mushroom and Bok choy.A really good choice of drinks and I really liked the sour plum drink. It was tangy yet sweet.The sweet potato with honey sauce stole the show with its crunchy exterior and soft interior.Overall, I recommend this place to vegetarians
Celine LimCeline Lim
09:13 23 May 24
Not bad you can get a lot of skewers at an affordable price. Their spicy noodle was good!
Anne AnneAnne Anne
08:09 23 May 24
Tony TuTony Tu
03:54 23 May 24
Nice food and environment.
Leonard ChiaLeonard Chia
16:32 13 Mar 24
Best skewers one can get in Singapore. It's good that there's always variety and new items to keep choices fresh. Absolutely delightful for gatherings or casual dining. The food is always fresh and tasty.
15:51 10 Mar 24
I always love this place. I dine here routinely. Sometimes hard to get a table. Amazing selection of beers!!! Also try the dumplings. Good stuff.
00:48 10 Mar 24
11:58 06 Mar 24
zhu joycezhu joyce
08:08 06 Mar 24
Soon Seng LeeSoon Seng Lee
06:08 02 Mar 24
Good place to cheer up with friends. Good variety of bbq choices.
Jaslyn OngJaslyn Ong
06:08 02 Mar 24
Fast service, decent food. Restaurant can get a bit noisy later the night
yuri seoyuri seo
10:46 23 Feb 24
Ryan TeoRyan Teo
13:53 06 Feb 24
Food is good for the price with decent variety. Place is small and slightly cramped but well decorated. Parking is quite terrible though, especially at meal times. I recommend taking a train instead since it's less than a 5 minute walk from Beauty World MRT station
Kelvin GohKelvin Goh
12:34 28 Jan 24
Keith KuarKeith Kuar
05:35 28 Jan 24
Bryan KeeBryan Kee
14:40 26 Jan 24
Legit blown away by the quality of food here. I never knew mushrooms could taste this good. Meat was superb as well, tender but not chewy, crisp but not overcooked, rich but not expensive. 10/10 will come again. Banger music playlist 🙂
Nicky NgNicky Ng
14:05 21 Jan 24
Reuben ChengReuben Cheng
12:07 19 Jan 24
We did a takeaway of the bbq stuff. The staff were friendly. The food were packed nicely in boxes. It was simply tasty. Very nice. The marinating and the meats were cooked to perfection. The bbq brinjal also had minced meat. We want to go back for a proper dinner some time soon.
Jun NingJun Ning
10:06 14 Jan 24
Darwin KohDarwin Koh
11:36 13 Jan 24
14:54 11 Jan 24
15:04 10 Jan 24
The service was great and the food was delicious
wwnn aaawwnn aaa
15:00 10 Jan 24
I like the environment here. The staff are very welcoming and the service is very attentive. I especially recommend the Orleans chicken wings.
Elliebb HaElliebb Ha
10:45 09 Jan 24
Got a discount of 5% discount if you leave review. Thanks for the reminder.
Howp OHowp O
07:24 09 Jan 24
Roong Jien WongRoong Jien Wong
14:01 08 Jan 24
Very nice food, perfect for after workout.
fei longfei long
13:43 08 Jan 24
Ian HoIan Ho
13:26 08 Jan 24
Very good
Alex LimAlex Lim
11:40 03 Jan 24
12:40 01 Jan 24
Delicious nice food
Bryan ChengBryan Cheng
13:56 30 Dec 23
Pleasant place to drink with friends. And to have good bbq Chinese food. Will recommend
Ruben JamesRuben James
13:51 30 Dec 23
Keep improving their menu. Service is tastes great. Reasonably priced. Well done over the last 2 years kept their standards
belle ganbelle gan
13:41 30 Dec 23
Food is yummy.. been here many time
Henry TayHenry Tay
16:47 28 Dec 23
My go to place in bukit timah
Samuel NgSamuel Ng
16:44 28 Dec 23
Great place and atmosphere
Wang Tiang TanWang Tiang Tan
15:46 28 Dec 23
Nice food!!
Deanna PohDeanna Poh
14:28 28 Dec 23
Food r very fresh. Service was great! Been here many times n w b back again soon!
13:38 28 Dec 23
Jude FernandezJude Fernandez
16:47 22 Dec 23
Good food great vibes. Definitely would come back. Meats are well seasoned
Keh Hui OngKeh Hui Ong
16:23 22 Dec 23
Sheng Hui TangSheng Hui Tang
16:22 22 Dec 23
Daniel TanDaniel Tan
16:18 22 Dec 23
Food taste good. Staff friendly
Sonata YoapSonata Yoap
16:16 22 Dec 23
very good food
14:41 16 Dec 23
Eat here often, closes 2am. Good food and staff ✨️
Cheong KellyCheong Kelly
14:22 16 Dec 23
Food is good will come back again!
Sin Hoe ChengSin Hoe Cheng
13:59 16 Dec 23
Fast service and delicious food
SX LimSX Lim
13:51 16 Dec 23
Yummy food!
Jia Wei ChowJia Wei Chow
11:37 16 Dec 23
Good food and services. Really nice place to chill
00:52 11 Dec 23
Awesome experience!!
Nicolas TannNicolas Tann
05:42 07 Dec 23
Pei LunPei Lun
18:47 05 Dec 23
Very suitable place for late night supper. Wide variety of choices of meats and seafood. Half shell scallop was the best among the food that I ordered. They serve alcohol too. Just that the price is abit steep. If you want to try alot of variety it can easily cost alot. Other then that, perfectly good with this outlet.
Victor YeohVictor Yeoh
14:11 02 Dec 23
I rarely give 5stars for google reviews but this shop deserves it. Skewers are very well marinated and grilled to perfection. Highly recommend grilled lamb rack, one of the best Chinese style grilled lamb rack you can find in Singapore.
09:11 29 Nov 23
Went on a rainy day and there are space for us. Food are delivered fast upon ordering. Thumbs up.
jeon li mjeon li m
13:48 28 Nov 23
The scallops are delicious, so are the skewers. The service is attentive and the staff is friendly.
Ong Hui YingOng Hui Ying
15:34 27 Nov 23
Quak Chun MingQuak Chun Ming
14:27 27 Nov 23
Good bbq skewers
Natalie LimNatalie Lim
13:40 27 Nov 23
Food served very quickly and tasted nice! Enjoyed myself a lot
Samantha LeeSamantha Lee
13:38 27 Nov 23
Fantastic skewers and service!
Jingfei YangJingfei Yang
14:34 22 Nov 23
Food is good!
Yap Yi FeiYap Yi Fei
13:18 22 Nov 23
10:42 22 Nov 23
Haven’t been here for a while. Was shocked by the standard of the food, except BBQ mutton. The pig ear is the worse in my 30+ years experience. The BBQ pork hand is even smelly.
Gavin “Gavin” ChenGavin “Gavin” Chen
11:59 21 Nov 23
Novi ChiaNovi Chia
04:39 13 Nov 23
16:33 09 Nov 23
Highly recommend ! Good place
Rebecca ChuaRebecca Chua
15:41 09 Nov 23
Food arrived promptly. Everything was delicious especially the spicy sour noodles
Ken TeeKen Tee
12:51 09 Nov 23
Good food n TsingTao IPA
Jun Jie GohJun Jie Goh
12:51 09 Nov 23
Nice place and nice food
15:56 07 Nov 23
fav supper spot yum
RJ ZhangRJ Zhang
11:40 04 Nov 23
Food and atmosphere were great! Parking is limited though due to the other restaurants nearby.
Janice ChiaJanice Chia
12:03 03 Nov 23
Nice food and vibes. Food can be less salty though.
Jovan SimJovan Sim
16:02 02 Nov 23
Ate beef, pork, chicken and basically a lot of Chuan. What can I say my guy. Too good.
poon chunkarpoon chunkar
14:21 02 Nov 23
Spicy slow fish skewers are delicious
Kaung Htut KyawKaung Htut Kyaw
14:19 02 Nov 23
BBQ Unagi skewer rules !!!!
Max NgewMax Ngew
16:57 27 Oct 23
Daniel Ding YiDaniel Ding Yi
12:43 27 Oct 23
quite nice CN taste BBQ
07:56 26 Oct 23
nice place to chill
Seema BalaniSeema Balani
03:34 26 Oct 23
01:34 24 Oct 23
10:46 23 Oct 23
Mark AzzopardiMark Azzopardi
23:45 22 Oct 23
We did not mean to end up here but glad we did. The staff are great. Friendly and helpful. And all the options on the menu are delicious! I will consider this a bit of a tourist treat now when family and friends come to visit.The atmosphere is nice. Some air conditioning with ceiling fans and rain protection for the front tables, which was perfect for getting out of yesterdays rain. The food is well priced. Something to accommodate everyone and room for a pram (which we needed).Thanks for an enjoyable experience and I look forward to our next visit! 🙏
Cin TCin T
12:10 22 Oct 23
The potato sticks and grilled originis are really really addictive. Order more sticks at 1 go for that IG pic. Beef sticks are chewy. Chicken sticks are better. Very heavy on seasoning. Smooth Chinese beer to wash all that grease down. Fun concept for group dinner. Park at the URA Centre and walk across the street.
Chin Wei WenChin Wei Wen
16:23 17 Oct 23
Nice food and drinks variety is decent. Great place to chill
Danesh DabuDanesh Dabu
15:28 16 Oct 23
Great food and friendly staff
Alvin TanAlvin Tan
12:07 15 Oct 23
Food was great, staff was super helpful and friendly. Atmosphere was great, with great company of course hahahaDefinitely a great place for gatherings and family dinners. A little pricey but food is quality.
grace chen foong woongrace chen foong woon
10:31 07 Oct 23
I am very satisfied with the warm greeting of the waiter, the beer paired with the delicious food, especially Wei Zhe and Weizhi’s active service. I am very happy and will definitely come back next time.
Voon myVoon my
11:46 29 Sep 23
Food tastes good. A set menu for two is just nice . The 饺子is surprisingly nice !Will go back again.
09:40 29 Sep 23
No one really reviews on the staff here I noticed, and it’s such a shame because they’re so nice and friendly. My family and i came to have a birthday dinner (food was good too btw) and we asked the staff if we could take out our cake and eat it here. Not only did they allow us, they brought our plastic plates and spoons for us, turned off the fan for a while for the candle and even provided the lighter when ours didn’t work. Bear in mind we didn’t even ask for any of this, this was all them! Great service, thank you so much!😊
Lin JiangLin Jiang
12:19 27 Sep 23
13:38 24 Sep 23
Great chinese BBQ place, affordable if you get the right stuff - e.g. cumin beef and dumplings.[24 Sep 2023]Potato - 9/10Cumin beef / lamb - 8/10Mala ribs - 9/10Mala pork - 9/10Dumplings - 8/10, very worth it!Pork skin - 6.5/10Squid - 7.5/10
Mei Zhen ZhuMei Zhen Zhu
11:11 22 Sep 23
Jungmin JoJungmin Jo
09:26 15 Sep 23
Holy CowHoly Cow
06:52 11 Sep 23
They have this new lamb rib dish. One of the best way to cook and serve a lamb, must try!
dawn teowdawn teow
23:18 08 Sep 23
Went there for lunch on a Sunday, not crowded and no wait for a table at 12pm. Loved the food very much! Ordered a lot of the skewers and the pork jowl was my favourite. Everything was seasoned very well and very nicely.Only downside was that we ordered rice but they said they had not cooked it yet and we would need to wait 20 plus minutes for it, someone must have forgotten to switch on the rice cooker on that day hahahaha. Anyway, we requested to cancel the rice and there wasn't any issue but just a pity we couldn't pair it with rice.The bill is fairly high so be prepared, for 2 people it came up to $75 without drinks.
Joshua SJoshua S
15:25 07 Sep 23
It’s delicious, but your wallet needs to bear it. I often add it accidentally😅
Darya BalayanDarya Balayan
12:16 02 Sep 23
Nice place with cozy interior and tasty bbq. Quick order through qr code and fast kitchen. Ordered potato, chicken, pork, beef, squid skewers. And tomatos in bacon - most recommended. All was delicious and fresh. Kids-friendly place!
Maggie YangMaggie Yang
12:48 01 Sep 23
Always love to eat at BBQ Box Bukit Timah. I used to visit every alternate week. Because their great food taste, home taste.I am very disappointed today, the cold dish which supposed to came earlier than other dishes, ended up came so late after we finish the BBQ sticks have ordered. The hand mashed spicy cucumber was not having the right taste, the sauce was very liquid and taste was blank and too much sweet; the prawn and chives dumpling skin was too hard and all 12pcs dumpling skin was cracked, that made the dumplings tasteless.
Pei XuanPei Xuan
01:53 24 Aug 23
We went there after hiking at 12pm on a Sunday and it was empty. Food was served quickly and they have a huge selection. Food tasted delicious, will visit again
08:56 11 Jul 23
Chinese style grilled meat, grilled prawns and other stuff with a China bend. Tasty and well presented. Slightly on the expensive side. Nice atmosphere for friends, a couple or a family.Their dumplings are exceptionally nice and a must try.The smashed cucumber is unique. They provide a bowl of tasty spicy sauce to dip in.Try their bottled drinks which are not so common in Singapore. Chinese Fanta Orange type of drinks ... Etc.
wang Jessicawang Jessica
09:05 20 Jun 23
Relaxing and casual affordable place . Food is delicious and a hot plate to keep them warm. Wide variety of alcohol to chose from too
Teh ckTeh ck
12:28 30 Apr 23
We used to call for delivery for so many times, this is the first time I have it in the shop, I will never call for delivery anymore! It’s supper tasty in the shop!!!