BBQ Box is the perfect place to enjoy a casual meal with friends or family.

BBQ Box Chinatown dish

BBQ Box Chinatown

BBQ Box Chinatown is a casual restaurant in the heart of Chinatown that specializes in grilled seafood, meat, and vegetable skewers. The restaurant has a modern, industrial-chic design with exposed brick walls and concrete floors. The tables are equipped with tabletop hotplates so that diners can cook their food to their liking.

The menu at BBQ Box Chinatown features a wide variety of skewers, including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. There are also a variety of side dishes, such as dumplings, noodles, and rice. The skewers are marinated in various sauces, such as sweet & sour, teriyaki, and chili.

The most popular dishes at BBQ Box Chinatown include

  • Orleans Flavoured Pork Skewer (风味奥尔良颈肉)
  • BBQ Mutton on Rose Willow Skewer (红柳枝羔羊)
  • Grilled Chicken Meat (烤鸡肉串)
  • Grilled Beef Skewer (烤牛肉串)
  • Spicy Enoki Mushroom (红油金针菇(辣))
  • Golden Fish Fillet Soup (Spicy) (金汤鱼片(辣))
  • Chef’s Recommendations:
    • Orleans Chicken Mid-Joint Wings (奥尔良中翅)
    • Pork Dumpling with Chilli Oil (红油抄手)
    • Rice Noodle with Clams in Tin Foil (贴纸花甲粉)
  • Specials:
      • American Berkshire Black Pig Skewers (极品黑猪肉串)
    • Grilled Pork Jowl Skewers (藤椒猪頰肉串)

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Customers Reviews

BBQ Box (Chinatown)

BBQ Box (Chinatown)
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José María PizarroJosé María Pizarro
10:53 25 May 24
Tasty food at an affordable price for those who are on vacation for a relatively short period of time.The service from those who do not speak English, as is customary in Singapore, was negative. But whoever did speak was very helpful.Ok atmosphere, nothing out of this world. I was full.
Marcus AngMarcus Ang
00:21 24 May 24
skewers were a hit or miss, some of them were well seasoned, while others failed to cover the gaminess of the meatthe golden pumpkin soup was great and packed full of ingredients, fish slices were fresh toofood was okay for the most of the experience, though prices are very inflated.
Little WonderLittle Wonder
14:33 19 May 24
Lack of seasoning! Taste is bad.outlet at bt timah, chinatown are far better.
Aaron TeoAaron Teo
09:01 19 May 24
Yol MYol M
10:35 14 May 24
The food and service is okay. Options are plenty and taste good but i heard other outlets taste better.
Ronald YongRonald Yong
16:45 16 Mar 24
The place is Good for gathering with friends. Will came back again
Dry GinDry Gin
13:55 14 Mar 24
The Bread & Potato is delicious. Definitely must try. The veg is also fantastic. Overall is great.
Ines PlatteauxInes Platteaux
10:49 14 Mar 24
Nice clean place, we had some nice chicken and beef skewers and they were perfectly seasoned and grilled. Together with some veggies it was an ideal lunch.
Damien looDamien loo
16:08 13 Mar 24
Iana BesarabetIana Besarabet
05:38 08 Mar 24
Anson OngAnson Ong
14:21 04 Mar 24
10:46 03 Mar 24
A GreenA Green
16:37 02 Mar 24
Chrissi S.Chrissi S.
19:16 27 Feb 24
viking Tviking T
11:11 27 Feb 24
Could be overly rated. It's my 1st visit & I must say it's a little disappointing. The name BBQ Box seems to suggest it's Forte is the BBQ, but it is totally not true. For the meat to feel even slightly warm, maybe an hour. It's totally ridiculous. Thought that the sticks of meat are pre-cooked, it is cold & hard.In fact, all other dishes somewhat taate better than the BBQ.Very high chance I will go elsewhere if I am serious about BBQ.
W YpW Yp
01:45 18 Feb 24
Came here many times
Foong YeeFoong Yee
13:46 16 Feb 24
Food nice and not too oily as another outlet. Didn’t reserve table and there empty table for 4 pax and the waitress didn’t hesitate and allocate 2 pax of us on that table. Unlike other restaurants will wait till 4 pax only occupied that table. We order upon sit on it and food serve pretty quickly and they didn’t pressure us leave but we also don’t want occupied the place when we finish eat. They act very fast clean the table. Feel impressive their professional service. Will definitely visit again and hope they can main such great service 🙂
Jackie NingJackie Ning
07:08 16 Feb 24
Varun KapoorVarun Kapoor
12:34 14 Feb 24
Jovan SohJovan Soh
12:28 08 Feb 24
Food is affordable and nice!The seasoning on the skewers is just right, not too bland and not too salty. The best was the potato skewers, the potato just absorbs all the flavour!Highly recommend their pigs ear with cucumber as well as their 酸辣粉 (sour & spicy noodles)!
maggie chongmaggie chong
10:26 05 Feb 24
Nice food
05:19 05 Feb 24
Mya KayMya Kay
05:15 05 Feb 24
Jo GarriganJo Garrigan
15:48 03 Feb 24
The staff were extremely unhelpful and rude. It was obvious that as tourists who were unable to understand the procedures, the staff were standing around seemingly making fun of us and doing nothing to assist. They may as well have thrown the food at us! Pity, as the food was tasty.
Sherley TSherley T
15:34 01 Feb 24
Best Shaokao….
Sean ChengSean Cheng
07:18 01 Feb 24
Mugob P.Mugob P.
16:08 24 Jan 24
Ryan TanRyan Tan
12:29 23 Jan 24
Very yummy and consistent food! Tho its slightly more expensive than other Chinese BBQ skewer places i would say its worth.
14:52 22 Jan 24
Fast serving and good food!
Joseph TanJoseph Tan
11:57 15 Jan 24
food is nice n reasonably priced
Yee Woen GueyYee Woen Guey
05:03 13 Jan 24
Good food at the reasonable price. Self order but the service is fast!
mingyuan zhumingyuan zhu
15:15 12 Jan 24
Ken ChauKen Chau
14:10 12 Jan 24
Very nice place to chill and eat. Staff named 小玉 is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.
Weihan LIEWWeihan LIEW
14:10 12 Jan 24
Nice place
Sharon YangSharon Yang
14:36 10 Jan 24
I come almost every week!
14:01 10 Jan 24
Great food and service
Ang Gao JunAng Gao Jun
13:09 10 Jan 24
Really nice atmosphere. Food arrived promptly as well even when there is a crowd
Chia WeiChia Wei
11:39 10 Jan 24
Mowei ZhangMowei Zhang
11:27 10 Jan 24
nicole Tnicole T
14:30 03 Jan 24
Personally, I find the taste of the food too strong for my liking, but my friends love it. Most items were pretty salty to me.
Jun Cen ChewJun Cen Chew
13:16 03 Jan 24
Great food.Nice atmosphere.Good place to hang out.
Lin EvaLin Eva
23:57 02 Jan 24
One of my favourite BBQ reustaurants
Chua Song YongChua Song Yong
13:00 01 Jan 24
Joey TanJoey Tan
03:40 31 Dec 23
Daniel KDaniel K
15:55 20 Dec 23
Food was okay, just nothing special to me.
martin Funkquistmartin Funkquist
20:04 15 Dec 23
Great place with good food and reasonable prices on beer. Highly recommend the american smokey beef.
SivaSankar SelvarajSivaSankar Selvaraj
12:11 15 Dec 23
Very good service
Charlene YeoCharlene Yeo
14:52 14 Dec 23
Good service, food was served on time. Staffs were friendly and attentive.
ZarNi HtunZarNi Htun
13:33 14 Dec 23
Taste good.
Aaron AngAaron Ang
12:59 14 Dec 23
Ed MeyerEd Meyer
02:15 10 Dec 23
Everyone very helpful
11:40 09 Dec 23
Chyi Shiuan OngChyi Shiuan Ong
13:00 29 Nov 23
The food is just so nice !!!! Like exactly what I ate when I’m in China. Definitely will go again with friends, really a good place to chill out with friends. Variety of choice and fast serve food !!
Jordan TeoJordan Teo
06:10 26 Nov 23
Hong LiHong Li
05:52 25 Nov 23
Too pricey.. 😔
Ray SunRay Sun
00:55 24 Nov 23
Unagi is good
10:57 14 Nov 23
The Bowls FolksThe Bowls Folks
10:40 14 Nov 23
Got recommended to try BBQ Box which received quite a lot of hype for their skewers, however it was only alright 🙁 Food came out quickly but it got cold super fast 😭 The heated stove thingy was suppose to keep the food warm but it didn't help much at all 😅 The only food I would recommend would be the Eggplant 🍆 Price wise is super pricy and the skewers are quite small, does not really match the price point 😔
Arpit RoopchandaniArpit Roopchandani
12:26 10 Nov 23
The food is alright but not with the price
jiasiong teyjiasiong tey
02:31 07 Nov 23
The food provided there is very delicious, especially the meat skewers, which are grilled just right and although a bit salty, they still taste good. I highly recommend the waiter here. When I dropped my chopsticks, the waiter immediately replaced them with new ones. This waiter is very attentive and attentive. When each of us couldn't reach the food, he carefully adjusted our seats so that everyone could reach the food. So it is very safe to dine here. Thank you to this employee, Jia Ling. Will come again next time.
Ting LiTing Li
14:07 05 Nov 23
Still as good as nice! Been to afew different outlets! Highly recommend.
17:13 04 Nov 23
Quite decent North eastern China style skewers with plenty of varieties in the menu. I like the young lamb with red switch (红柳枝羔羊), grilled pork jowl , squid tentacles, applewood beef skewers, grilled shiitake & oyster mushroom. Having the piping hot skewers accompanied by cold beer was a perfect combination !
06:28 04 Nov 23
Food standard is quite consistent with its other outlets. This outlet is smaller though.
George LeungGeorge Leung
00:31 30 Oct 23
Akira, Tze Wei TohAkira, Tze Wei Toh
15:01 28 Oct 23
Good BBQ skewer and good service, service crews were attentive and immediately changed beer bottles b4 opening to cold one or change chopsticks when they noticed our 🍻 bottles are warm or drop chopsticks
10:50 28 Oct 23
Not bad for BBQ sticks but pricing us quite expensive, upper Middle price. Ordered bbq mutton sticks (spicy, very nice), chicken lung (not bad), spinich with vinegar (best so far), mushrooms, and also the 酸辣粉 which turns out to be more Ma, not spicy not sour. Overall ok, ok place to hang out with friends. Hot tea can ask to add hot water.
Zak ChenZak Chen
07:48 28 Oct 23
Wayne LeongWayne Leong
16:03 21 Oct 23
Rating: 4.2 / 5 stars🤩 : Range of offerings, strong tasty flavours🤧 : PriceyMy partner and I spent over $80 (after tax) on a dinner here. It still boggles my mind how we chalked up that bill. That said, it was a memorable experience that we found relatively good.To start, this place has three floors of seating. I hope this brings some hope to those who intend to walk-in during peak periods. As we arrived fairly early into the evening, we had no issues or wait getting a table for two. We appreciate the wide variety of options for skewers and non-skewer products. Ordering was conveniently done online, which is great for such large menus.After order, food started arriving in batches after the 10 min mark. This was a fair waiting time.Here are the highlights from our evening:* Cold noodles - passable* Male flavoured skewers (pork/beef/chicken) - strongly flavoured and not particularly spicy* Anything New Orleans-flavoured - must have, especially the mid joints* Chilli oil dumplings (红油抄手) - good enough* Potato slices - addictive* Tofu skin - very salty but incredible flavours* Regular meat pork/beef/chicken/gizzard skewers - great, cooked just rightI suggest requesting for a dry spice mix (干碟) to add another layer of complexity to your meal.Will be back, when my wallet recovers.
07:51 20 Oct 23
Taste of food was passible. If you are looking for real China Chinese tasting chuan Chuan, this doesn't really come close.Cost is on the more expensive for what it is. But then again, you don't really have that many choices if this is what you want to go for in SG.
Xin hong LaiXin hong Lai
12:15 18 Oct 23
I am a regular customer of this store. The food is as delicious as ever. It is my second restaurant. You can eat with peace of mind. The store has a wide range of dishes, you can eat a lot of them, and they taste great! Super delicious! Strong Amway! !
Caleb TanCaleb Tan
16:49 16 Oct 23
Food is good, although can get boring after a while since the same spice is used for all the skewers.
03:48 12 Oct 23
Richie H.Richie H.
09:02 10 Oct 23
Long queue for table. Good food and service. The BBQ sticks sprinkled with herbs, and spices are delicious. The chili chicken appetizer is a must try. Extensive Chinese menu. Pricing is reasonable. Will come again to try other dishes.
14:45 08 Oct 23
I love the mushrooms and lamb! Good customer service too!
Aaron FooAaron Foo
07:34 08 Oct 23
Great quality, a but pricey but satisfies your chuan chuan cravings
josh yeojosh yeo
05:15 30 Sep 23
Fantastic food, reasonable price and they are accomodating to big groups. Chinatown restaurants outperform their price points
Valerie NeoValerie Neo
06:00 24 Sep 23
Repeated visit! Always a favourite to satisfy our chuan chuan craving!
Marvyn WuMarvyn Wu
13:53 23 Sep 23
Monique OparajiMonique Oparaji
14:45 19 Sep 23
Wanja SchischWanja Schisch
08:17 18 Sep 23
Jun Ming NgJun Ming Ng
12:27 14 Sep 23
Decent spread of food, good for a gathering with friends
Jonathan TaiJonathan Tai
04:51 13 Sep 23
The skewers were good! Love the mushrooms!
06:23 11 Sep 23
Flavourful sticks of food. Great value, fast service and clean place. Love the box that keeps your sticks heated!Loved nearly everything we ordered, and the beer is cheap and good.Great place for a laid back dinner with booze.
Bobby KTBobby KT
03:18 11 Sep 23
I was surprised by the quality of food, as I had been quite skeptical just by looking at the menu. Would recommend to try their spicy dishes, because they have the Sichuan-flavor. Good place to catch up with friends and drinking.Not a representative of Singapore Chinese food, but it has good Chinese food. Recommend a visit if you crave for some good spicy stuff.
Jordi AlventosaJordi Alventosa
21:00 10 Sep 23
Restaurant very well located, we were two people, ordered food with the phone scanning the QR. The service was fast and correct. The food very well: 2 Chicken wings, squid tentacles, grilled pineapple and sweet potato, 4 fresh prawn, 2 shitake, 2 long bean, chives, bean curb and 2 lemon tea, the bill 73 SGD
17:50 09 Sep 23
Joel ChanJoel Chan
12:25 12 Aug 23
The service of the food was quite fast. Found the grilled chicken and pork skewers a little more on the salty side but overall still very well seasoned. The oysters were cooked to perfection.
David LeeDavid Lee
04:28 25 Jul 23
Thumbs down for the Beer only. ❌❌❌Very weird system whereby all 4 bottles needs to be placed on table till it turns warm. Current promo is every 4 bottles gets a special price so its a must to order 4 btls.Granted, they will help to replace it with a colder 1 from their fridge (frm picture, its just a small fridge) but the turnaround wont be able to match the bottles to be cold.I'm someone who goes for Cold beer and because of this beer system, i wont be going back.Service was good tbh, the skewers were also nice.Prawns were fresh and the Mala chicken wings was nice also.
10:47 10 Jul 23
Usually had the ala carte. Ordered the 2 pax bbq set this time round. Quite disappointing. The portion of the cucumber cold dish (mixed with vinegar and chilli oil) was way too much, steamed dumpling 12 pcs was normal, not hot when served. 2 x Drinks at $4- we had only iced water 😏 The grill doesn’t seems to work well, supposed to keep the bbq items warm but did not. Have to wait >30mins for the grilled eggplant; they have missed this item and it was served only after we reminded them a second time. Used to be our preferred outlet in pre-covid days. Not now, it was a Tuesday and the whole place was noisy and crowded.
Goh Jia YiGoh Jia Yi
05:58 19 Jun 23
Food was good, but really salty. Price was decent, we ended up spending around 28 per pax and left super full. Went around 7+ on a weekday and didn't have to wait for long before seated.I would really recommend the beef tendon it was one of my favourite ones!
Pauline YoongPauline Yoong
11:36 03 Apr 23
A quaint little Chinese restaurant selling grilled meats with mala sauce. The mala is not at all numbing and spicy so I guessed they localised it to local flavours. Service was very fast and some meats are quite exotic such as pork brain (grilled?!), pork ears and pork tongues. We over ordered as we were all ordering separately on our phones. The beef stripe was quite good.