The skewers at BBQ Box are delicious and the sides are affordable

BBQ Box East Coast Rd dish

BBQ Box East Coast Rd

BBQ Box East Coast Rd is a casual restaurant at 195 East Coast Road, Singapore 428900. It is a popular spot for both locals & tourists and is open late, so it is an excellent option for a casual dinner or late-night snack.

The restaurant specializes in grilled seafood, meat, and vegetable skewers. The menu features a wide variety of skewers, including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. There are also a variety of side dishes, such as dumplings, noodles, and rice. The skewers are marinated in various sauces, such as sweet & sour, teriyaki, and chili.

The most popular dishes at BBQ Box East Coast Rd include

  • Orleans Flavoured Pork Skewer (风味奥尔良颈肉)
  • BBQ Mutton on Rose Willow Skewer (红柳枝羔羊)
  • Grilled Chicken Meat (烤鸡肉串)
  • Grilled Beef Skewer (烤牛肉串)
  • Spicy Enoki Mushroom (红油金针菇(辣))
  • Golden Fish Fillet Soup (Spicy) (金汤鱼片(辣))

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Customers Reviews

BBQ Box East Coast Rd

12:20 25 May 24
Supermarket frozen products are heated, two stars cannot be more
Nicholas limNicholas lim
09:53 22 May 24
I was so impressed with my dinner this evening! I tried the barbecue stick, beef, chicken and lamb, fried potatoes, Mala sour soup noodle , scallops is yummlicious and my group of friends got the watermelon juice drink is fantastic. We both finished our whole plates/sticks of barbecue and were so impressed with the quality of the food and the short amount of time it took to receive it. As before we entered we only table but after that starting crowds. Our waitress was sweet and helpful. I will definitely be back
Patrick PohPatrick Poh
10:13 23 Apr 24
not bad!
Sylvester GohSylvester Goh
07:16 22 Apr 24
Siyuan LiuSiyuan Liu
01:51 10 Apr 24
Confused CiousConfused Cious
00:48 09 Mar 24
love it no frills always a seat and a friendly team of service staff - food is always on pointnon spicy stuff like dumplings and noodles and soup for the kids too - love it
11:45 04 Mar 24
shuling gaoshuling gao
14:37 02 Mar 24
Very good restaurant
Wil WuWil Wu
12:57 02 Mar 24
Jenn TanJenn Tan
12:56 02 Mar 24
Gabriel LeeGabriel Lee
12:24 02 Mar 24
Great place
Lily LeeLily Lee
15:43 29 Feb 24
Bought 10 sticks each of lamb & pork skewers to take-out, totalling near $30.Young lady cashier was rude, unmotivated to even lift a finger, let alone eager to serve.When I opened up the takeaways skewers for dinner, what I found to my horror appears like leftover meat from a dog's dinner.All disposable wooden skewers sticks were removed & tiny, dark clumps of meat were dumped into a paper box, looking like messy small meat clumps leftover from a dog's dinner.Find it revolting & most flabbergasted to say the least.My hungry appetite instantly turned to nausea & couldn't bring myself to eat anything throughout the evening.
10:36 29 Feb 24
Great Service and great skewers
Gwen LeeGwen Lee
14:24 20 Feb 24
First time visiting this outlet. They served our bread without sugar a few times but that was quickly corrected. The waiters, though, were extremely nice and friendly. They let us keep birthday cake in the fridge, brought it out when we asked and even brought serving plates without having to ask. They also wished my friend happy birthday a few times, so nice right 🥹 birthday girl also got a $5 no min spend return voucher... 10/10 service ! Will come to this outlet over others
Bill XiaoBill Xiao
10:02 15 Feb 24
Raycher LimRaycher Lim
14:48 13 Feb 24
The environment is quite nice and wide variety of food and drinks except they don’t have coffee. The food as expected has abit more seasoning than others type but is still not bad. Service is quite good. We celebrated birthday here and they even offer plastic small plate and spoon for usSome item are quite expensiveTotal $300 for 5 adult 2 kidsQuite empty on lunch timeHard to find parking
Homer FisherHomer Fisher
12:52 07 Feb 24
Flavia SimFlavia Sim
10:33 04 Feb 24
mandy Wmandy W
11:14 03 Feb 24
Teng QinTeng Qin
11:14 03 Feb 24
Craig FisherCraig Fisher
10:52 03 Feb 24
Great dinner
joe chingjoe ching
06:54 03 Feb 24
Dolphin TohDolphin Toh
10:17 13 Jan 24
Ryan EeRyan Ee
15:26 12 Jan 24
Asked staff about the above birthday promotion for new sign-ups. Was told that the only restrictions were 1 month validity and we could use one voucher at a time. I asked if we could use it immediately today upon signing up, and staff said yes.After we paid the membership fee and finished our meal, we proceeded to payment and was told that there was a minimum spend of $100 required that is NOT on the information slip above. The cashier was the same staff who had advised us earlier, so clearly she was omitting vital information when advising us on the promos earlier.Very unethical practice as these fine print should be present on all marketing material.
Julian W.Julian W.
14:14 07 Jan 24
Food quality has dropped. Lamb skewers quite fatty. Pan fried dumplings shrank. Some skewers can be bland on some days
Chee Yi XuChee Yi Xu
11:52 06 Jan 24
The food here is very good, staff are responsive and helpful. The grilled pork intestine here is the best in my opinion! I won't leave before having 10 skewers of that.Of course you can get the same or better quality food they offer for much lesser price in China, but I think in Singapore context the price is ok.For those who drive, there's a basement parking at the next building. But it's abit expensive.
Boon AhBoon Ah
06:36 04 Jan 24
The waiters were nice and the food was delicious.
Skye LohSkye Loh
12:31 02 Jan 24
felicia hengfelicia heng
12:31 02 Jan 24
This is the only store with their bubble tea! Excellent service!
MarineCorps HawaiiMarineCorps Hawaii
05:02 31 Dec 23
15:03 27 Dec 23
Very nice china bbq! Great atmosphere with great food and friendly staff. The cold spinach and grill chicken is one of my favourites!The skewers are also very nice and each have their own unique taste.The grilled pork intestine also very crispy and easy to eat.They even provide small bottles of mouthwash in the toilet so feel free to even eat the foods with garlic and vinegar as you can gargle out the smell after eating. The mouthwash is very hygienic too as its meant for 1 person usage.
Muthukumaran SamiayyanMuthukumaran Samiayyan
13:58 27 Dec 23
Rishi BudhraniRishi Budhrani
13:58 27 Dec 23
Best bbq in the east!
Peggie PuanPeggie Puan
13:52 27 Dec 23
gabriel puagabriel pua
08:13 23 Dec 23
08:13 23 Dec 23
08:12 23 Dec 23
Nice food and good ambiance
Alan LumAlan Lum
10:55 21 Dec 23
Derek TanDerek Tan
11:38 19 Dec 23
Love the meat
Paul NgPaul Ng
08:51 19 Dec 23
Vienna LimVienna Lim
13:43 18 Dec 23
Burno KBurno K
13:41 18 Dec 23
Great service and yummy food. Good outlet.
Kris YanKris Yan
12:04 16 Dec 23
Good food , good place to eat👍🏻👍🏻
Leeanne SooLeeanne Soo
13:36 13 Dec 23
Really fresh food and fast service. Highly recommend!
Shaun NgShaun Ng
13:36 13 Dec 23
Good quality food as always!
Season SSeason S
12:49 13 Dec 23
Good food!
Colette TanColette Tan
12:29 13 Dec 23
Nice quiet place for dinner
Chloe TanChloe Tan
12:29 13 Dec 23
Great place to chill and have tasty food!
Clement TamClement Tam
11:44 05 Dec 23
Fernando GomezFernando Gomez
15:21 25 Nov 23
One of my favorite places to eat skewers. Great food. Nice decoration. Good service.Is not the cheapest place to eat, but for now and then or to catch up with friends and 🍺 is great!
gongjun sungongjun sun
12:38 25 Nov 23
Lavanya SaberwalLavanya Saberwal
06:43 25 Nov 23
Food was incredible, the service staff was super sweet and the food came out quickly. Found it really easy to keep ordering on the app as well. Ambience and aesthetic is really pleasant.We would recommends: the beef skewers, oyster and shiitake mushroom skewers, potato skewers, dumplings in chilli oil and spinach in vinegar.Mutton was a bit gamey so will skip next time but flavour was still good. Prefer the main meat over the Japanese menu options.
14:03 08 Nov 23
A great place for barbecue and beer. The environment is great. The service is very friendly. They always pay attention to what we need. We will come back next time.
Muhammad IqbalMuhammad Iqbal
03:39 07 Nov 23
Ka Wei NgKa Wei Ng
04:14 02 Nov 23
Truc HuynhTruc Huynh
13:50 25 Oct 23
FOOD SNOB APPROVEDBBQ Box offers a variety of knockoff Sichuan dishes. Spicy mala flavours are always on point and bring out the authenticity; but at the same time a sophisticated customer can appreciate their infusion of modern elements in traditional dishes. BBQ Box has a good vibe, friendly staff, fast services and the best drinks. Definitely try their mushroom bbq; you won’t see mushrooms the same.
Rebecca LeoRebecca Leo
12:55 25 Oct 23
Always a nice go to for fast and decent grill
Nathaniel ChowNathaniel Chow
06:00 22 Oct 23
Fantastic restaurant, very nice skewers. Potato slice were amazing.:)
Yuet Ling KongYuet Ling Kong
12:59 19 Oct 23
Su KimSu Kim
15:08 15 Oct 23
03:47 05 Oct 23
Never knew that 串烧can be so delicious. Must be the seasoning they use. Items all go well with beer which is a big plus.Stand out items for me are the lamb, potato, mushrooms and sweet corn skewers.Ambience and service are better than what I was expecting, though it was on a mid afternoon so there were only a few tables.Good choice for gathering over food for sharing.
Brenda SBrenda S
14:42 02 Oct 23
Deanna NgDeanna Ng
14:44 28 Sep 23
Akriti VijAkriti Vij
06:17 25 Sep 23
Excellent food! The lamb rack is incredible, def the favourite from our big order! Wantons and salads bring good variety to the menu
A. K.A. K.
11:44 12 Sep 23
The food was quite nice, scallops on the shell were really good. Beef and mutton were a bit on the tougher side but otherwise everything was pretty good.
Patrick ThehPatrick Theh
11:07 05 Sep 23
Highly recommend to come here with Eatigo on weekdays as there is up to 50% discount. Otherwise the price may be a bit steep.Really enjoyed the skewers here as they are all flavourful. Cozy and nice ambience and free mouth wash were also provided in the washroom.
Food was good and wait times were not too bad. The service was ok, although with the various people we tried to speak with didn’t seem to understand English so we had to keep speaking with the front of house to ask our questions. The food ordering process is all done online with a local menu showing which items there are to order. A lot of items didn’t correspond to what was on the online menu which made it difficult. The user interface of the menu ordering system is somewhat to be desired and not very well laid out. Could be made much simpler in my opinion. Food was good, the skewers were nice, bbq squid and lamb rib were all delicious. Thought it might just be bad luck with the first visit, but the second visit was just as tough for ordering items especially when half the waiting staff can’t communicate when asked a simple question. Ok as an experience but it could be that other bbq box restaurants are better in different locations.
Silver LeeSilver Lee
13:26 25 Aug 23
Pleasant service and food on a non-peak weekday.Food was fast to serve. Typical Chinese meat skewers. Very flavorful but can be a bit too much for some. A lot of cumin taste.Overall, pleasant experience
Cath KeithCath Keith
02:06 25 Aug 23
Nice environment, foods is great. Repeatedly eating
Wong Teck JungWong Teck Jung
13:27 03 Aug 23
The skewers are pretty good. However they took out the fun by barbecuing my orders at the kitchen, instead of me doing myself.There are also other dishes but I did not try any. I will come back to try them in some other day.#2nd review (one month later)#Today I tried1. Noodle in spicy and sour soup - recommended for rainy weather2. Dumplings in chilli oil - not bad#3rd review (6 months later)#I have returned to the shop a few times. My top recommendations are:1. Sichuan spicy cold noodle2. Snowflakes Pan-fried dumplings
David TeoDavid Teo
02:05 30 Jul 23
Chinese-style bbq skewers (烧烤)on a Friday night. Beef and mutton skewers were well-marinated with cumin spice, and with a good amount of fat-to-meat ratio. Grilled bread is tasty and sweet too. Skewers are on the slightly pricier side, around $1.80 for the meat skewers.