BBQ Box Geylang Outlet is a great option for a quick and delicious meal

BBQ Box Bugis

BBQ Box Geylang

BBQ Box Geylang is a casual restaurant in the heart of Bugis that specializes in grilled seafood, meat, and vegetable skewers. The restaurant has a modern, industrial-chic design with exposed brick walls and concrete floors. The tables are equipped with tabletop hotplates so that diners can cook their food to their liking.

The menu at BBQ Box Geylang features a wide variety of skewers, including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, seafood, and vegetables. There are also a variety of side dishes, such as dumplings, noodles, and rice. The skewers are marinated in various sauces, such as sweet and sour, teriyaki, and chili.

The most popular dishes at BBQ Box Geylang include

  • Chicken skewers with sweet and sour sauce
  • Beef skewers with teriyaki sauce
  • Pork skewers with chili sauce
  • Prawn skewers with garlic sauce
  • Vegetable skewers with sesame oil
  • Dumplings
  • Noodles
  • Rice

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Customers Reviews

BBQ Box Geylang

BBQ Box (Geylang)
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Eunsol BangEunsol Bang
10:45 31 May 24
Delicious food 😋😋😋
Ivan GohIvan Goh
07:49 30 May 24
Gracezelbelle GohGracezelbelle Goh
03:42 21 May 24
On May 15, 2024, my partner and I visited BBQ Box around 5 p.m. As regular patrons, we've had 2 unfortunate experiences before, and after addressing them with the staff last year, we decided to give it another chance.This time, however, we faced the same issue again. We ordered our usual BBQ skewers and BBQ bread. Unfortunately, the BBQ bread had a raw fish taste, indicating it was cooked on a grill used for raw fish as the bread has absorbed the raw fish taste. My partner had to spit out the bread, and we immediately raised a complaint with the staff. This issue had occurred during our previous visit as well, where we had informed them that cooking bread on the same grill as raw fish could cause cross-contamination and make the food inedible.Additionally, we encountered another problem with the BBQ gizzard skewers, which we also regularly order. This time, the gizzards had a strong durian smell and taste, which was highly unusual and unpleasant. We raised this issue with the staff as well, who took the gizzards to inspect. Given that the gizzards and bread are items we frequently order, they should not have any cross-contamination with durian or raw fish.We are deeply concerned about the recurring cross-contamination issues at BBQ Box. The repeated failure to address these fundamental food safety practices not only compromises the quality of the food but also poses potential health risks to customers. We urge the management to take immediate corrective actions to ensure proper hygiene and prevent such issues from happening again, we paid for the meal and did not continue eating.As we were walking to our car after the incident, the manager and staff approached us and offered a $100 voucher as an apology. Unfortunately, we did not accept this gesture. Instead, we demanded that their higher management contact us within three days from the date of the incident. Despite the manager informing us via text that she had relayed our concerns to them, we received no response from BBQ Box's higher management.This lack of response clearly indicates that they do not care about the incident or take any action to address it.
Jackson TayJackson Tay
12:42 20 May 24
Wonderful BBQ food...great stuff
Koh Shun QuanKoh Shun Quan
16:54 12 Mar 24
12:03 01 Mar 24
This is my first time at this branch. Probably about 10 years? Used for. After all, mutton is delicious. In the past, people could add as much spice as they wanted, but now they don't have that freedom. Even so, I always think it's strange that even though all the skewers have the same seasoning, they never get boring.
Ivan ChenIvan Chen
23:45 29 Feb 24
Whye Kin WooWhye Kin Woo
09:32 25 Feb 24
Food is served timely and they are all very delicious. Staff are very helpful and prompt.
Second time coming here, Highly recommend the pork skewers do not recommend the chicken, the vegetables here are also very crispy and crunchy, and the staff are also very friendly. Overall highly recommend this restaurant for meat skewers.
Saeid MoslehpourSaeid Moslehpour
09:15 21 Feb 24
Nice barbecue place.
Jason HoJason Ho
00:07 16 Feb 24
Andrea LimAndrea Lim
16:13 14 Feb 24
Fun place for dinner or supper. Be careful not to order too many skewers as the cost really starts to add up! Drinks on the pricey side but really adds to the BBQ experience.
Shenny RuanShenny Ruan
03:41 14 Feb 24
kye tankye tan
04:05 12 Feb 24
Try their spinach... Always a must eat
Vivien HangVivien Hang
13:38 02 Feb 24
Go to supper place! The grilled toast is a must-try(pls ordered without the egg one) and the ban noodle!
Tuấn HoàngTuấn Hoàng
14:09 01 Feb 24
Long Tran Doan TungLong Tran Doan Tung
13:37 01 Feb 24
Very ok, enthusiastic staff, clean restaurant, reasonable prices❤️👍🏻
hà nguyễnhà nguyễn
07:04 01 Feb 24
Thu HoàiThu Hoài
02:47 01 Feb 24
Bi PeterBi Peter
14:05 31 Jan 24
Lan HoangLan Hoang
14:01 31 Jan 24
Tien tienTien tien
14:00 31 Jan 24
Daniel GohDaniel Goh
12:04 21 Jan 24
xiaofang fangxiaofang fang
09:27 17 Jan 24
chiang paulchiang paul
01:39 15 Jan 24
Joker ChongJoker Chong
12:27 04 Jan 24
Everything here is very goodThey staff have very good service for the customer
Pamelia SohPamelia Soh
14:34 03 Jan 24
Delicious skewers
Yeow Leong SimYeow Leong Sim
02:44 02 Jan 24
Bj NgBj Ng
14:22 01 Jan 24
Lin JianShenLin JianShen
09:50 01 Jan 24
Sharon LiewSharon Liew
10:42 31 Dec 23
1st time trying this form of BBQ n loved it. Food was cooked by staff n put out on our hot bbq box to be kept warm. Delicious veg n mushrooms. Sat outside, cosy on a cool day.
Yunlong ZhuYunlong Zhu
07:01 28 Dec 23
Very nice lamb skewers!
Yang TingYang Ting
11:07 19 Dec 23
First time eating at BBQ box for classmates reunion. Manage to be allocated a hidden private room for my group of 11 at the back of shop. Food taste nicely marinated and grilled properly. Just a little bit tight on seats space as the tables should fit only 10 persons.
10:36 19 Dec 23
3 pax $97 for 25 sticks of meat and veggies, 1 bowl of plain rice, 1 jajang noodles 1 jug plum juice
Wei Sheng LimWei Sheng Lim
11:32 16 Dec 23
Ghislain BonamyGhislain Bonamy
05:58 16 Dec 23
Food tastes nice. Prices are reasonable. Recommend the mushroom skewers, and crushed cucumbers salad.
Ahkay DatokAhkay Datok
13:28 14 Dec 23
Good service n good atmosphere...friendly respond food serve on table...recommended...
Alwin ChanAlwin Chan
12:15 14 Dec 23
Thao LethiThao Lethi
10:42 14 Dec 23
Ng WeiNg Wei
10:40 14 Dec 23
Ang Khim GeeAng Khim Gee
12:34 08 Dec 23
The Songs SongThe Songs Song
12:30 08 Dec 23
Not my first time here.Service is awesome!Very attentive and friendly staffsHowever, the standard of the food seems to be not as good as the previous visit.Nonetheless the service makes up for it!There is also a 5% discount offered for google review. They did not enforce to see the review nor did they insist on 5 stars review like some other places I have encountered.
Cai Yan HoCai Yan Ho
12:22 08 Dec 23
12:22 08 Dec 23
Aaron AngAaron Ang
12:02 08 Dec 23
Long live Chinese cuisine!
Jeremy LapusJeremy Lapus
03:44 25 Nov 23
Joker ChongJoker Chong
03:39 25 Nov 23
The lamb rib their is very 👍😊😊😊
Justin ChinJustin Chin
03:36 25 Nov 23
Vincent KiungVincent Kiung
12:26 24 Nov 23
12:25 24 Nov 23
13:58 13 Nov 23
Was deciding between the branch in geylang or bugis. Made the right choice to come to geylang. But parking was difficult. Recommended if you drive, park at the MSCP behind the frog porridge, near kallang MRT.Food was nicely cooked, service was prompt and there was space immediately. Take the alfresco. It isn't stuffy or hot as there are overhead fans above every table. They have lighted insect repellent sticks so we weren't attacked by any mossies.
Ryan TeoRyan Teo
07:09 13 Nov 23
Good place with great food. Great for casual meetups with friends. Location is a bit inconvenient to get to and parking is difficult nearer to peak hours.
Zen LawZen Law
11:51 12 Nov 23
food is not bad
Ritchie LiRitchie Li
07:12 08 Nov 23
Wonderful dinner place with many options for everyone. Predominantly a meat place, but the potato slices and bbq vegetable are a hit with the kids too. Beers are relatively value for money when bought in pair bundle.
Spencer KraftSpencer Kraft
06:29 07 Nov 23
Absolutely delicious. Great service with super friendly staff. Highly recommended 👌
04:28 03 Nov 23
Cozy and comfortable place to chill and hangout with your friends, I would say even safe to chill solo . Food is nice , beer is perfect and food serve very quickly. All is all , i live the ambiance.
10:27 01 Nov 23
I suppose its this area (Geylang) that has alot of China's Chinese, the restaurant food tends to be very oily here, not the usual SG way of cooking.The 凉拌黄瓜 is so oily till i have to keep cleaning my plate and after we finished the dish, I can see at least 4-6 tablespoons of oil left in the bowl.The meat skewers are also on the salty side, doesnt align with our health promotion board campaign "Healthy eating - less oil, less salt".3 of us ordered 2 veg, 1/2 grilled fish, grilled oysters, 4 sticks of meat skewers, 3 lettuce skewers n 1 mushroom skewer + 2 beers, the bill came out to be about $135, i find it abit costly for such place
Tze ChiaTze Chia
12:58 29 Oct 23
Taste abit diff from the Bugis outlet which much nicely.. hence minus 1 🌟
08:34 28 Oct 23
Been here few times and each time we enjoyed ourselves. Love the service of a staff name XueLi.Every time she serves, she will mentioned the name of the dish. So far only XueLi does that.Today, we visited again. As usual, she highlighted what she served to us and when I asked for extra spices on the food, she went extra mile to give us 2 saucers of mixed spices.The food and atmosphere here delighted us but XueLi enhanced the experience further. Keep up the good work.
chee peng Chuachee peng Chua
12:30 16 Oct 23
Ma JunMa Jun
16:09 15 Oct 23
Galen HewGalen Hew
15:41 14 Oct 23
Chill place. Flavourful food, authentic. Lamb skewers are gooood. Glass noodles so chewy. Large portions. Ambience not that great but worth the hit nice supper place.
Kelvin KorKelvin Kor
12:54 12 Oct 23
The menu is not the same as the other outlets.
Xavier Tay (XaviTay)Xavier Tay (XaviTay)
11:31 09 Oct 23
Great Chinese bbq skewers place to hang out and drink with your friends.
Ronald OrtizRonald Ortiz
04:36 07 Oct 23
Nice Japanese Grill in Geylang, Singapore...
Rosalie ReyesRosalie Reyes
05:57 03 Oct 23
My favorite go-to place for BBQ
Lemmy LambLemmy Lamb
11:01 02 Oct 23
Waited for 20 mins for 4 skewers that ended up cold.
Eddy LeeEddy Lee
08:16 01 Oct 23
Affordable Chinese bbq but no longer have discount under eatigo
Garfield QuekGarfield Quek
17:12 29 Sep 23
Yvonne SeeYvonne See
09:58 18 Sep 23
Our first visit to BBQ BOX. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. Cassual dining environment suitable for families with young children. The meat skewers are reasonably priced and were flavourful. Would have given more stars for their food if they were not so heavily seasoned (especially the mushrooms, practically soaked in salt). Our favourite dish for that day would be the Pig ears with cucumber 🥒 😋
Anton ChengAnton Cheng
07:07 18 Sep 23
They keep all the grilled stuff warm!Also VISA accepted 👌
Nelson NgNelson Ng
07:00 17 Sep 23
Anthony LinAnthony Lin
09:26 12 Sep 23
Food standard drop, bbq osyter not fresh
11:57 02 Sep 23
A nice and chill place for a late night supper. Food is of good quality and location is accessible. Recommended as a good supper spot for skewers.
Yew Yee YapYew Yee Yap
13:41 30 Aug 23
eugene yeoeugene yeo
15:04 28 Aug 23
just that price abit high side for the foodElse its okie.
Shan YinShan Yin
14:22 27 Aug 23
William WongWilliam Wong
07:57 27 Aug 23
Delicious food and very prompt service. Waiting staff are courteous.
qiao qmqiao qm
12:00 15 Aug 23
order from qr code, fast service. Friendly staff. Food is yummy. There's indoor and outdoor but sitting outdoor is not allowed to order alcohol. indoor alcohol only serve till 12am. Staff will inform u when time is up.
Douglas CorleyDouglas Corley
07:40 30 Jul 23
Really excellent 串儿 in Geylang. Service is efficient, drinks always cold and food kept on a hit plate for your convenience. I especially right the veggies and lamb skewers but friends are infatuated with the pig brain. It serves a wide variety of customers and has the flavor to support repeat visits. Highly recommended!
Aubrey Hazel ChingAubrey Hazel Ching
00:20 07 Jul 23
The food here was awesome especially their Grilled Bread! We ordered beef and pork skewers, I like the pork better but the beef is good, too.
Matthew PhangMatthew Phang
06:19 21 May 23
Smart way to have the heated box on the table to keep our meat, vege, seafood or any other skewers warm. Highly recommend the lamb ribs & pork trotters. Very flavourful and tender. Most of their meat skewers are nice and tasty too but I personally like the lamb skewers the most followed by the beef. The Grilled vegetable skewers is also very juicy when served. It goes very well with all the other dishes. Prices of skewers and most of their dishes are quite reasonable. Waitering staff are very attentive too. Overall we enjoyed our meal here and will definitely come back again from time to time to satisfy our bbq meat skewers cravings.
Cindy OngCindy Ong
12:59 30 Apr 23
Am a regular at the Geylang branch and decided to check out this outlet since we are in the area. They have a bar and more food variety than the geylang's menu. Love the cold aircon and the clean toilets! Food is delicious and reasonably priced even though it's at prime location.The decorations are slightly different from the Geylang outlet and we love the ambience and vibe. Have always love their concept of having a hot pan on the table to keep your food warm. Great place to chill and eat and drink!Will definitely return and also try other outlets to see if there's any difference in the menu!